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Whittley Agency is a global talent and business management, media, production and consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (United States) with remote offices in Paris, France (Europe) and Yaounde, Cameroon (Africa). Our primary purpose entails serving personal and business clients demanding high levels of service, expert advice/knowledge, and customized business and personal solutions as it relates to the entertainment and financial industry. Our team has over twenty years of international experience and relationships in the private banking, media, production and entertainment consulting. Whether you are seeking a professional talent, business or financial consultation, a representative for yourself, brand or company, we are here to serve you in a multitude of ways. Our mission is to foster the development and advancement of our clients’ desire and determination to succeed by integrating the highest standards of professional ethics and behavior in the leadership and practice of media, talent, business, production and financial management guiding clients to the fulfillment of their destiny. 

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